IMG_4427Welcome to the black sheep minimalist.

This is a place filled with ideas and content related to living intentionally — consciously — with thought. A place to renounce the crazy world of consumerism and choose your surroundings, your passions, your way of life and your schedule with conscious thought.

It’s a place to learn how to say NO when something no longer fits your life. It’s about letting go.

It’s a place to realize that materialism does not buy peace or joy. Only letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in your life will bring you the kind of peace you may seek. Realizing that owning less, doing less and striving for less will ultimately bring you MORE. It’s paradoxical. And it’s so true.

I’m thrilled that you are here. Really, I am. Because as someone who has never “fit in” with any one particular group in life, it is refreshing to know I am in good company. We all want to “fit in”, but have we really ever stopped to ask why or “what is the point?” Why should we follow what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it? Is it perhaps better to go against mainstream society in pursuit of something greater than material success or recognition? Maybe we could find real contentment if we did something different.

As an introvert, I have long struggled with the world and finding my place in it. I have done many things throughout my life — always trying to be someone other than who I am. I tried to make things work that weren’t meant for me because, well…that is just what you are “supposed to do”, right?

But, I am done with all that.

And I think you should be too.

Here’s why.

It just doesn’t fucking matter.


And, the world needs more people willing to be their REAL selves — not these replicas of one another that are mass produced in the pits of public education and “the path” from cradle to grave. We have enough of those. We need change.

Fitting in is so unimportant. Our society teaches kids at such an early age that fitting in and being like everyone else is an attribute. Seriously? An attribute? Yes. We teach them that following social norms and rules is the ONLY way to function. We rarely give them the option to consider that being a little “off” or “weird” is ok. We get embarrassed when they do not fit into our idea of “normal”.

Well a fucking-nuff of that all right?

Let’s get off the normal train and be who we really are, no matter who that is — a black sheep willing to step outside of the mainstream in order to be content, truly content. Are you in yet?

We should all be ok with (and actually embrace) our inner Black Sheep. Black Sheep are the ones that change things. We stir up the pot. We live life. We think outside the box. We do things with abandon, even if it doesn’t fit into a nice little box that matches the neighbor’s little nice box. We. Don’t. Care.

This site is largely about minimalism because minimalism is where I learned how to let go of old and toxic ideas.It is where I learned how to just “be”…how to go to a place within myself that is always good and right no matter what is going on in my life. How to shed the mainstream thinking that plagues so many of us.

You can do that too.

It took me a long time to figure out how to say all of this. I’ve always felt it, but I haven’t known how to say it. This blog is my attempt to get that energy out; to share with you how letting go of who you think you should be can bring you a life of inner joy and peace that you never knew existed. Seriously.

We are already important right here, right now, in our current life. Right at this moment. But that is not always easy to see.

Old toxic thoughts, routines, material possessions and busy “I am awesome” schedules are clouding your view. You deserve simplicity. Space. Time.

Give yourself that gift.

I hope you will learn something here you can use in your life. That alone is enough for me.

I will do my best to keep it all simple. Some of the subjects we talk about will be really complex, though. But there is always simplicity within difficulty, so it’s all good.

To give you a little tidbit about who I am (for those curious readers), here you go:

  • I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 (soon to be 4) awesome kids from 0-8 years old.
  • I stay at home with my family and often lose my patience dealing with dog vomit, kid poop, dirty toilets, sleepless nights, stale farts under the blankets and inappropriate belly laughs.
  • My husband and I date once every few months, talk politics and try to be adults in between all of the above. We guiltily admit to watching a show in the evenings after the kids knock off — Silicon Valley is our favorite right now…when I stay awake for it. I’m no stranger to shows with shock value: Orange is the New Black has taught me a lot.
  • I read. A lot. I read fiction, non-fiction, news, articles, blogs about pretty much anything, cereal boxes, shampoo bottles…whatever is available, I’ll read it.
  • I hate Facebook, and I love it. I believe it takes a certain willpower to give it up even a little. I am grateful for the connections while also resenting it for being a time sucker.
  • I think about life and the meaning of it. A lot…more than the average normal person. But that’s ok, right? I am a black sheep.
  • I have had a lot of jobs throughout my life (cow milker, office worker, human resources manager, massage therapist) — that is, before figuring out that my purpose is to stay home, homeschool my kids and write. I realized that “purpose” doesn’t necessarily equal “monetary success”. That took a LONG time.
  • I want to share my insights on this blog because if I offer nothing else to the world at large, at least I tried to get the word out about living authentically and not falling into societal traps.

I want to thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I am so grateful you are here with me. Be who you are.

– Jen

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